Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hi there

Well it was a really rainy day here today and now its chilly. A good day to do some claying. I have been working on some new bracelets, the original design is Helen Breil's, it was in the latest edition of Art Jewelery, I believe. I have also been working on genealogy, getting everything ready for our family reunion. It's my job to send out the invitations and I have done that . I printed a bunch of books for the family , some genealogy charts that take our family back to 1500.
I am having a hard time getting motivated to clay, my muse is on vacation I guess. I think I might try some face canes, not sure what I would do with them but its a start. I almost forgot I made my first transaction on e-bay today and I won the bidding! Yay! Now to see how quick it gets here.

Have a great night!

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Alice Stroppel said...

You'll have a great time with face canes, I always do. There are some ways that I use face canes on my blog, polymerclayetc.com. Bracelets and focal bead are just two ways to use them. Can't wait to see what you do.