Thursday, October 30, 2008

Here I am again

Here I am again after many months of silence. I have been so busy with many things mainly family issues. Now I am back to doing clay. Yahoo!! I have had quite a few shows and that is new for me. I'm not sure that shows are for me. I do have 2 more shows this month and then I'm finished for the year. My next show is this Sat and then the next weekend. I hope to get to play with clay and make some new and different Christmas presents. I really like to use the mokume gane technique . I would like to experiment with it and hopefully will have more time to do this. I really like the way painting on clay turns out and would like to find out which paints work with clay. Better go now and do a little research on paint.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hot Rainy Day!

I'm back again. I have been so busy and don't seem to have accomplished much. I went to Sudbury to visit my son and his family for a few days. It was a nice drive. And then we had our granddaughter visit for a few days. I also put in a whole new bunch of jewellery in the Artisan's Marketplace. Now I have to get busy and do some new jewellery for the August show. I'm thinking I should do something different than jewellery, not sure what . I have some half finished sculptures,should finish them I guess. Transfers on glass might be a good thing, I want to do some for my son. He takes marvelous pictures and I want to transfer some of his pictures onto a set of glasses for him.
I am just not very motivated in this weather and the clay is so soft in this heat. Guess I better go and get busy with something.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Back to Claying

I finally started to do some claying again, not much mind you but some. I have a sculpture in the oven right now, I want to do something exotic with her, not sure what though. It's a beautiful day although hot but it certainly is better weather than what we have been having.
I already have booked our holiday in January ,2009, in Cuba. It might be the last time we go , with the rising costs of gas, it puts the airport taxes up and by next year who knows how much it will be.
We are going to the city tomorrow to spend the weekend with G's family, hope the weather will be good for us

I went shopping yesterday to Michaels and bought a batch of clay , it was onsale for only $1.00,imagine. I guess I better get busy with dinner.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back Again

I haven't been around much to do much posting, I have been so busy getting ready for my first large show and then recuperating from doing it. It was a cold and miserable weekend and the crowds were just not coming out. However I met a lot of nice people and learned a lot. I have another small show coming up in August and then nothing until October. I posted some pictures of my booth at the show.

I am a messy worker and my little studio was such a mess, I could'nt fine anything. I am just about finished rearranging my studio, so hypothetically speaking I should be able to find all my tools and such. However I have forgotten where I put everything. I guess I will have to get busy and do some claying so I will get used to it. I'm not sure what to do next , I havent thought that far ahead but I guess I should start. I think I would like to do something with translucent or some mokume gane, love that technique.
I have also been considering doing some demos but I have never done anything like that and I'm really nervous.
I better go and read my mail , have a great night.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back From Morrisburg

Good morning world!!!!!
Morrisburg is over for another year, darn. Had a marvelous time seeing old friends, meeting new ones. There is such an aura of friendship and sharing there. Margi and Vio do a marvelous job.
I do hope Cristine is doing well, she took ill on Sat night.
Now its back to work, I have 2 shows coming up in May. I really dont know what I was thinking,but whatever it was it must have seemed right at the time. BB2shoes taught us how to do the porcelain look and I think I will try that. Got some great Japanese patterns from Georgia,so will have to try them out. Sandy used a stamp that was on the grab table,I loved the effects, so will have to try that. So much to do and so little time.
I will have to do better at posting, there seems to be fewer hours in each day but I will try.
Have a great day!!!!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Well seems like we are getting more darn snow this morning.Dh is blowing snow again so we can hopefully get out and go get some food. Not that we are out of food but the freezer is getting low.
I recieved a great surprise this week, the occupational therapist is coming to see me in my home next week. To help me with my hands, I have arthritus in my hands quite bad, they are beginning to really be painful and are beginning to be misshapen. Any way she is going to help me find easy ways to work, and find some good exercises. Yay!!!!
I am working on new jewllery for fashion show that is coming up in April. I said I could have ten pieces ready for them .What was I thinking!!!!! I takes me a little longer to get things ready but so far I have quite a few beads , just have to put them together and find a few new designs.
I will post some pictures of my new pendants when they are done. Have to get back to work now, have a great day!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Good Morning World!!!!!!

It is a great day even if it's snowing(still) We went shopping yesterday,which entails an hour and a half drive. However the day was great, no snow and the sun tried hard to shine. I had a gift certificate for Michaels so that was one of the first places we stopped. They had findings on sale for less than half price so loaded up on some. yahoo!! The clay was on sale for $1.49,so got some of that too. Now I 'm ready to get to work. I have this idea rolling around in my head for a pendant so will try and see if it works.
I hope all the ladies attending Sojourn will have as great a time as we do at Morrisburg!!!!!!! Have a wonderful time!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm back!!!!!!

I haven't posted in a very long while. Been busy with Christmas shows , then Christmas itself and then we went to Cuba for a month. Had a wonderful warm time. Came home to all this snow and cold!!!
I am now ready and eager to get claying. I have a few shows lined up so I have get busy creating. If only I could decide what. I have to have several sets ready for April, I'm participating in a fashion show, so the jewellery should be a little showy I think. And I have a two week show in July so I need quite a bit for that, There are a couple of others I am going to enter as well, hopefully I will be accepted. First before I start claying , I think I will try and tidy my studio. A major job in itself. I know I'm procrastinating , but it still needs to be done. So off I go to start cleaning.