Saturday, March 1, 2008


Well seems like we are getting more darn snow this morning.Dh is blowing snow again so we can hopefully get out and go get some food. Not that we are out of food but the freezer is getting low.
I recieved a great surprise this week, the occupational therapist is coming to see me in my home next week. To help me with my hands, I have arthritus in my hands quite bad, they are beginning to really be painful and are beginning to be misshapen. Any way she is going to help me find easy ways to work, and find some good exercises. Yay!!!!
I am working on new jewllery for fashion show that is coming up in April. I said I could have ten pieces ready for them .What was I thinking!!!!! I takes me a little longer to get things ready but so far I have quite a few beads , just have to put them together and find a few new designs.
I will post some pictures of my new pendants when they are done. Have to get back to work now, have a great day!