Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Show

I have been so busy lately and not just with clay. We have had a lot of company which we really enjoy and then I have had a show Art in the Village. This is to raise money for the health unit. We had more people attending this year but the sales were'nt very good. However I met this lovely lady who invited me to exhibit and sell at The Lindsay Gallery for a month. I could not believe it!!!!!!! And I had only 4 days to get ready for it. I have been claying day and night for 4 days. So today I took my wares to the Gallery and was interviewed by 2 newspaper reporters and had lots of pictures taken. Even though my knees were a tad shaky it all went well. I must say I am very tired but I do have to get more clay ready to go. So I will take a day to recuperate and then get busy again. Life is good! I am going to post a few pictures, I hope you enjoy.