Friday, November 16, 2007

"Tess" my new Art doll

We are having a gorgeous day here,although it did start out snowy. I delivered my new artdoll "Tess" and some new jewellery to the Art Gallery today. One more show tomorrow and then I'm finished, literally. I had thought of putting some things in the show in Haliburton but I wont be here when I have to collect them. " Tess", my new art doll, is only about 6 inches high, and she was quite a challenge, working that small. I have to get ready for tomorrow so will finish a few pendants and maybe another little art doll. She is half finished so hopefully I will get her done.

Monday, November 5, 2007

My Show

Yahoo!!!!!!!!!! My first 3 day show was a huge success for me!!!!!! As BB2 would say I'm chuffed!!! Our show was held kind of out of the way but the people found us. There were 8 of us and we each did something different. I made 4 sales before I had unpacked. There is another show next weekend for 2 days at the same place. . I have a show on the 17 and perhaps one starting on the 21 . I wont have to be there for the last one though, they will take a commission. Not sure if I will do that.
So I am busy claying and making jewellery, have to get busy on the Ornament swap and the Winterfest gift. I need another pair of hands.
A lady dropped the lower half of my secretive woman on the cement floor!! There wasn't a mark on it. Whew!!!! The lady nearly had a heart attack though. So off to clay!