Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hot Rainy Day!

I'm back again. I have been so busy and don't seem to have accomplished much. I went to Sudbury to visit my son and his family for a few days. It was a nice drive. And then we had our granddaughter visit for a few days. I also put in a whole new bunch of jewellery in the Artisan's Marketplace. Now I have to get busy and do some new jewellery for the August show. I'm thinking I should do something different than jewellery, not sure what . I have some half finished sculptures,should finish them I guess. Transfers on glass might be a good thing, I want to do some for my son. He takes marvelous pictures and I want to transfer some of his pictures onto a set of glasses for him.
I am just not very motivated in this weather and the clay is so soft in this heat. Guess I better go and get busy with something.