Friday, April 20, 2012


Well it's only been a year since I last posted, shame on me. It has been avery busy year. I had my jewellery in the Lindsay Gallery for 2 months and sold quite a bit at the Marketplace.
We went to Cuba 3 times in the last year, Nov, Jan, and March. We thought we would go as often as we could because dh had a heart problem this year, he had 3 stents inserted in Dec. He is now doing really great. We hope to go to Cuba again this winter but will have to wait and see.

I didnt go to Morrisburg for our annual clay gathering and I really missed seeing everyone. I certainly hope to go next year.

I became a great-grandma again in Feb, a beautiful little girl. I now have 3 beautiful g-granddaugters and will have another g-grandchild in Sept.

I got my knitting machine out of the moth balls and am doing a small bit of knitting, guess I will get busy and knit for the grand kids. They have such beautiful patterns now.

I have to get busy and get some stock ready for the summer, the new colors in the clay are really nice, love to use the bright colors.
I will try and post pictures as I finish my jewellery.
Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Louise said...

Did you hear no Morrisburg for 2013. Boo hoo!